This is where you can become a part of StormClan! In a comment below please fill out this information.

Name: Your cat's name.

Age: Your cat's age in moons. 0 - 6 moons is a kit, 6 - 12 moons is an apprentice, 13 - 56 moons is a warrior, 56 - 100 moons is a senior warrior and 100 - 120 moons is an elder.

Mate: Your cat's mate, if applicable. Note: if the mate is RPed by another user that user must agree first.

Kits: Your cat's kit. Only applicable if the kits are also being RPed.

Personality: Your cat's personality. Keep it simple, please.

History: Your cat's history. Please keep it to a minimum. Cats who are joining cannot have a history of being Clanborn.

Position in Clan: Your cat's position in the Clan. Leader, deputy and medicine cat are all unavaliable, however there is still a spot open for a medicine cat apprentice.

Picture: Your cat will need separate pictures for when they are a kit/apprentice and when they are a warrior/elder. You can either find these pictures yourself or request that I find them.

Please wait for Zaffie to approve you before you start roleplaying. I hope you enjoy StormClan!